Can you flip a straight girl?

Is that really a thing?

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Happy Pride 2018, Fort Lauderdale!

I have been — more than once — accused of being too literal. I like the play of words, I often focus on semantics. Words are very important in my world — lesbian, gay, straight, bi, married, wife, girlfriend, squeeze, lover, your ex. As our political and legal landscapes have been changing, so, too, the precision of our language becomes more important. But I’m not focused on politics just now.

As it happens, I do have something to say about something a friend said to me recently. Actually, she says it a lot. This friend — let me call her Alix — is a cute butch girl. We were having a conversation about what her next girlfriend might look like. Noncommittal about what she might be looking for, Alix said that what she likes best is to flip straight girls.

Let that sit a minute. Really.

Now the literal me drove right past that statement’s telling nature about where Alix’s head is…about relationships, or conquest, or commitment. The literal me flew right on by all that and zeroed in on the word “straight.”

I contend this: if you are able to flip a straight girl, she is not straight.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am…am I?

Here’s my take: if the definition of a “straight girl” is just one that’s never slept with another woman, then the answer is easy. Because anyone can identify themselves as straight regardless of what goes on inside her head. If “I’m not gay” needs the baptism of having sex with a woman, then you can rest there for as long as you like.

And if that’s the girl my friend Alix has seduced, then I say she hasn’t really flipped a straight girl at all, she was just the newly-gay girl’s first. And yes, that includes if she’s the one doing you and not vice-versa. I guess that’s another conversation.

Otherwise…we become unwitting purveyors of that all-too-common straight man’s assertion. What do I mean? Well, that if you can flip a truly straight girl, then a lesbian can also be flipped. That her problem is, she just hasn’t found the right dick yet…and that her cure, is him.

You know what you think about that, don’t you? I know I do.

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